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Young Engineers Twin Cities – FAQ

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Q: What is the logic in having a 4th grader sit in the same class as a 1st grader?

Answer: Over the course of Young Engineers enrichment programs, children are exposed to educational materials they do not usually learn in school at their age; some adults might not even know the principles taught. As such, Young Engineers enrichment programs presents a level theoretical study platform to all. The models come with parts that enables, every child to build and invent according to their passions and ability.

Q: Aren't the lessons too long? Don’t the children lose interest?

Answer: They really don’t. At the start of each lesson they, study a subject, following which they are eager to get started with the construction in order to play with the final product. When the lesson is over, most don’t even realize how much time has passed.

Q: Can a 1st grader understand the substance of the lessons?

Answer: Our enrichment programs are especially designed for children of this age group. Our programs and workshops have been active for a number of years now, and all have enjoyed great success. Each lesson includes a familiar background story with corresponding hands-o experiments. I invite you to ask the children at the end of the lesson what they learned, and you’ll be surprised to hear how much they can comprehend at this age.

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Q: My child is 3 and half (preschool), he’s gifted and is interested in participating. Why isn't it possible?

Answer: Even though your child is gifted, he needs to be able to read and write. Therefore, we recommend waiting an additional year to avoid any frustration the child might feel if he is unable to keep up with the rest of the class. We will be very happy to see your child next year.

Q: Do the children take the models home?

Answer: Unfortunately, the kits are very expensive and therefore must remain with the instructor, who will pass them from class to class. Children do, take home what they learn, which includes principles of physics, mathematics and engineering. However, there are Engino Kits and Motor/Battery pack sets available online at www.youngeng.net.

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